Ethan & Tom Dan Grades

9th April 2024

Ethan, requiring just one win to gain his second Dan, opted to continue and ended the day winning 7 contests all by Ippon, winning his line-up and then stopping two others in their lineups.   Ethan’s drop seoi-nage proved unstoppable, accounting for all but one of his throws for Ippon. Tom, at the age of 17 and attending his first Dan grading produced a variety of techniques to also complete his line up and…


Logan earns his Black Belt!

24th May 2023

Congrats to Logan on winning his Black Belt at the Budokwai on the 30th April! The Budokwai is the oldest judo club in Europe and has been the centre of excellence for the sport of judo for nearly 100 years.  Logan was only 16 but beat all five opponents by ippon, displaying great skill to defeat fighters ranging from 80 to 110kg despite only being 79 kg himself. He was…


Euridge Manor Session

21st August 2018

What a great evening! After being shown around the amazing manor by our hosts Voitek and Alicja we had our session with the evening nicely rounded off by the BBQ!! Many thanks to our hosts!!!


Olivia Takes Gold @ Just For Girls

27th January 2018

Olivia Lewis did the Judo Squad proud by taking gold in our first BJA junior competition of the modern era. Olivia won each fight with Ippon at the Just for Girls competition at High Wycombe, winning her first fight in only a few seconds!


Olivia Awarded Her Brown Belt

29th July 2017

The summer grading of the British Judo Society saw over 40 young people promoted to higher grades. The highest grade was awarded to Olivia Lewis who produced many very good competitive techniques to win her brown belt. She also showed the examiners that her technical ability was of an excellent standard by passing the theory examination which has 20 different throws and 25 groundwork techniques. Senior coaches Peter Thatcher, Margaret…


Summer School 2016 !

29th July 2016

Well done to all those who attended the Summer School from all the instructors. We were all very impressed with the effort and the ability with which you picked up new techniques and your dedication throughout the week!! Dan Zukas is the first winner of the Mike Samson Trophy for the most stylish judo player of the week. Dan demonstrated throws and holds in front of the whole school and…


Olympic Gold Medalist returns!

28th July 2016

Olympic, World and European Champion, Ed McKeever, younger brother of Tom, returned to the club where he trained as a Judoka before turning his attention to an international career in sprint canoeing. Ed paid a visit to the summer school on Tuesday along with his Gold medal from the London Olympics. All present, including the instructors, got to grasp handle the medal! Great to see Ed again and very inspiring…